Can We EXPOSE The FAKE HEROBRINE? (Minecraft Guess Who)

1 sep 2020
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Can we expose the fake Herobrine in Minecraft Guess Who?
Hide & Seek:
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  • I think slogoman is the best ISworlds or

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  • slogoman will win i just now it

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  • Your subs r going so fast I watch one vid your at 8.88 mil next vid 8.89 mil

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  • Slogo why dont you want to play with klebelcop

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  • Ceep the good work up I love your vids 👍🏻🤟🏻🤘🏻

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  • I like jelly is going to win

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  • sLogoman

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  • More cowtown pls!

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  • I think slow go wins

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  • At least jelly was actually good in this video lol!

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  • Josh you ate the best at hide and seek

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  • I use code slogo everytime😄😄😄

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  • I disagre with crainer alot

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  • Slogo:2 Wins-1Lose Jelly:3 Loses Crainer:1 Win-2Loses THE RESULT IS......... JELLY IS NOOOB IN GUESS WHO

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  • Do guess who as a chicken

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  • slogoman sinks

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  • Solo is going to win

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  • Slogo is easily going to win he is the Best at this game

  • Can you summon herobrin

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  • Josh will win for shure

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  • 😂😂😂😂 jelly and craner is not going to win

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  • all 3

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  • watch

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  • Josh is just funny and cool Crainer is bad and smart Jelle is annoymous funny and great

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  • I've been a long been a view for long long long long time

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  • 8:40 😆😆

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  • slogo is osam

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  • Slogoman is the best!

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  • 8:15 Is that Bob-brine?

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  • Ersawjjer

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  • Jelley sucks

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  • Hey

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  • I love your videos

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  • Slogo is the winner

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  • Josh 's win

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  • Jelly win for me

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  • jelly

    cohen eero magistradocohen eero magistradoMánuði síðan
  • Josh is so smart

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  • Slogo will lose. Jelly will win

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  • josh is the best

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  • how do you loge in to minecraft

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  • Mizel

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  • Hi Slogo I Love Your Vids

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  • JOSH ALWAYS WINS No offense Crainer but... He WILL NOT win D:

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  • Slogo

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  • I just started the video and I’m pretty sure josh is going to win because he is amazing.

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  • Diamonds are forever

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  • Is a better hide and seek log 🥺

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  • All of you kana wan

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  • Keep up the guess who I love it mak A Batman Guess Who video

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  • Why don't you add Preston plays 👍👍👍👍👍 into these videos

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  • U will win slogo

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  • O m g j e l l y a n d j o s h c r a z y

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  • Pls do endermen. Plssssssss 👏😩

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  • 12:58 I dont know what to say.... thats just amazing 😂😂🤣😂

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  • I’m sure he’s all ready posted this

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  • You josh

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  • can you please do this but with zombie pig men that would be hilarious

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  • Slogo plis play dragon ball supr

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  • Slogoman is the best at guess who

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  • Jelly thinks that he could play Josh but instead Josh played Jelly twice......

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  • Mom Jelly OK OK

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  • josh will win

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  • Play guess who and disguised as slogo

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  • another q&a pls

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  • Karina is definitely not gonna win for sure

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  • Ps jelly

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  • Me poo

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  • Crainer is Definitely NOT going to be the winner...

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  • Slogoman is gonna win obviously so ya slogo is gonna win.

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  • 12:06

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  • The other herobrines walks slower thats why jelly was caught hahahaha

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  • Jelly and Crainer are not going to win

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  • Atêis Slog

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  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where is Jordi .we need him

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  • Jelly

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  • Do Minecraft guess who but we’re tiny!

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  • Slogoman you are the best ISworldsr ever

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  • You

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  • Crainer and jelly her video sucks

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  • Yu haid in a pool

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  • slogo

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  • 5:43 that was kinda a good idea that Crainer punched one, because Jelly killed the wrong one, the one that wasn’t Crainer

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  • Drainer is definitely NOT gonna be the winner

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    • ....

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