29 ágú 2020
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Noob vs pro zombie apocalypse in Minecraft!
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  • Crainer

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  • What's up man

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  • What's up dude

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  • Good!

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  • Who are you

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  • Solgoman that sniper gun solgoman

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  • I like the bomb gun

    Layla MoontonLayla Moonton6 dögum síðan
  • Like skeletons, either skeletons, mutant skeletons and the wither

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  • I want to see skeletons that a noob,average and ultimate

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  • Just WHAT

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  • 666666666666

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  • Seliton

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  • Slugoman jelly have Golden apple

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  • WOW

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  • miniguns waist ammo

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  • The End Of Teh First Wave Jelly Says: "HEY! THERE'S A PIG! THERE'S A PIG! SOMBODY KILL THE PIG!!"

    mariyam mishkamariyam mishkaMánuði síðan
  • 4:045 Zombie: "OI! I WAS JUST SHOPPING!!"

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  • ~Hope~

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  • Do the Enderdragon next

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  • slogo i love your videos

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  • Bobo

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  • Slogo are an eluminaty

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  • Try fighting a wihterstorm

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  • Dino

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    • Why stickmin

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  • Can you do it with iron golems like a New bookmodeAnd averages mode And in extrememode

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  • I hope this vid can have 99999999999 subscribers

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  • Creepers nets

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  • ENDERMEN NEXT!!!! 😆😆

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  • AA12 is a zombie

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  • I'm your number one fan slogo

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  • JElly

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  • -Jelly- josh this building is'gonna burn man

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  • 👁👄👁😘

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  • Fortnite is no longer in the App Store!!!!!!!! : (

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  • Slogo has Minigun ammo Josh I don’t have mini gun ammo

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  • Do upgraded ender dragon that would be cool

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  • i think you should do upgraded iron golem it would be impossible

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  • You was a pus

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  • Like it slogoman or Josh

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  • those zombies look like herobrine

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  • G G

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  • dragene

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  • Do it with endermans

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  • - Josh - " unfortunately only one gun " * has three guns * - Jelly - *finds Rocket launcher *

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  • Good video.

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  • I tried do edits my vid but lolsjbdixhdhdnd

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  • do a NOOB vs PRO skeletons APOCALYPSE!

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  • Do creeper

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  • Everyone like the vid

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  • Slogoman ahh these new watchers the old days were better

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  • Do upgraded enderman pz it my favorite mob

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  • Me

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  • 你看我的baby。

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  • I think a spider would be cool

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  • Me

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  • new withers or ender dragons

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  • Well Its 777777 Soo its bigger than 6

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  • josh:hit him with youre sword or axe guys also josh:hasnt used his axe once

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  • Umm they are not zombies. They look like Steve’s Spitting out blood

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  • yu r mean in dis bideo EDIT Sell a fish

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  • josh is sooo mean he never shares

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  • I want skeletons

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  • Who else is watching this at2am

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  • Slogo jelly stole your gold apple

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  • I think the zombie is gonna kill jelly

  • U say U need gun I have idea just buy mini gun for sale

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  • Josh is this real in 2021 there is gonna be a real zombie apocalypse.... idk if this real, a got a sniper and a hand gun. If is not real phew

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    • Hello hello

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    • Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi JJJJ hi hi hi hi hi hi hi I love saying hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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  • Wen did this video come?

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  • So ur telling me slogo been 7 years in yt- HE LITERALLY DESERVE A MILLION SUBSCRIBER

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    • Wut he has more than 8mil subs

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    • @King Ford no I didn't think that

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    • Did you really think he had less then 1 million

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    • He has 8 and a half million

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  • youtuber

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  • zombie boom me

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  • Enderman or creepers

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  • slogo thats number is imposble

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  • Follo me jelly but😂😂😂😂

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  • are used coats logo in the item shop

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  • i’ve been watching you for years

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  • Josh I really want to meet you🤗

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  • Can you do the wave thing with the ender dragon

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  • You should do sky block but spikes rises

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  • I love when josh plays minecraft

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  • Do withers

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  • In the middle of the zombie apocalypse: Crainer: ''slogo i have a motorbike, weee''

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  • How do you get so many subscribers I only have five tell me bro please

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  • Who wants them to play fortnite again press this if u do 👇

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  • 2:31

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  • 9:36 fortnite but in minecraft 9:45 karma

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  • Slogo why are you an butt to jelly and Crainer

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