The BLOCKS BOUNCE Away From US! (Minecraft)

17 sep 2020
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The blcoks bounce away from us in MInecraft!
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  • What i get out of this video: Confusion Blame it on jelly crainer talking big Panik Crainer rage mode Crainer yelling at blocks Jelly trolling George pro skills Jelly being a noob Crainer: george i don’t have a furnace!!!!! jelly being useless Diamonds! George kills everyone

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  • I Mike the videos

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  • The moons gravity is strong

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  • #@#!#!@@#

    Ronald MatsuoRonald Matsuo22 dögum síðan
  • There goes Jelly BLEEAH!

    Aidan MacIverAidan MacIver25 dögum síðan
  • Yeah i want some more trolls and I mean huge

    Amber MeyerAmber Meyer29 dögum síðan
  • 4:57 did anyone else see that massive dip

    scencer somethingscencer somethingMánuði síðan
  • You will find this comment funny in the future like never

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  • ,, 😁😘😜🙃

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  • I don't wont that to happen no

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  • slogo: falls down into water block: rises up and kills him

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  • among us part 2

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  • Everybody we need hide in seek with super heroes

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  • ISworlds this is your first time u come up with a 4 minute unskipable Ad

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  • Can I Play

  • Lol you guys are the best

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  • Part 6 Josh ok ok

  • The disparity 4 jelly end crater and you

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    • 😲

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  • Uhh Slogo that like button is really bouncy 😏

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  • Poor Crainer he fell in the lava how dare you

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  • Slogo

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  • Ever considered doing dropper maps because you always do big drops in reveens

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  • Maybe you could call it bonci blogs!!

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  • Slogo pls do more video videos with robust team pls i want to see you kwebbelkop and jelly

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  • Do among us again I love it

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  • what is your adrees for minecraft beaceuse i play mincraft

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  • I’m one of those blocks when I have one grain of sugar

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  • 541095th view lol

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  • Minecraft but you can only ride a pig hehe

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  • You better have someone toilet paper because it's getting bigger and the slider pull up a it's somebody pull up the drums please hello

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  • Why don't you guys play one block or. Troll server

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  • Hi

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  • poop for jelly

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  • Can you ride blocks

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  • Hello

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  • Oh I nearly died Literally looses half a heart

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  • Noice

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  • Jelly built and I Iron farm

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  • Hi

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  • Please may you do more cowtown trolls, I know there is a 1% chance that Slogo will see this. Try to get this to the top!

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  • yyeee

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  • My favorite color is red

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  • Minecraft but you are in a realistic how to train your dragon series would every single board of it all not so realistic version which you should also get and get all an Ender Dragon species thing where does sunlight dragons and other Dragons and Neder dragon and the fire and ice mod there's now a new lightning dragon Boy

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  • 9:20, Why did Josh turn into a Tusken Raider?

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  • Plos mik server wet jelly en craner en slogo en kwopelkop oke

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    • Jes

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  • I grabbed it freaking 5 mill times my finger hurts the like button

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  • slogo man i use yoer fortnite star code slogo can i be in yoer next video

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  • Slogo de je wont to ple minecraft wet me

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    • Jes ples

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  • Hi ppooop

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  • Abc for more vids

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  • I want you guys to Work together okay

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  • Slogo plss play a new game instead off mincraft you always play mincraft

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  • 0:35

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  • My bro is coming home as a service dog

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  • Slogo can you please do more cow town

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  • Hi josh can I have a shoutout jelly stole from you

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  • Jelly clan sucks🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 and smells

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  • what the bounce blocks

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  • Josh jelly and crainer are the best of friends and will live together in a nice Minecraft world right Minecraft world? Minecraft world:

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  • Josh: loses 1/2 a heart from full health “i NeArLy DiEd!!!”

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  • At 7:10 he said their was one block of iron and jelly and crainer dint say you said you said one block of iron

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  • I can’t hear slogoman properly bc of the music and I am wearing headphones

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  • Please do more peekaboo

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  • Play with only crainer. In sky blocks slogs

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  • Among us

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  • Play again among us you're fanamong us plz slogo i love the game so much

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  • Hmm why do they not do their Minecraft survival series anymore

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  • I wanna see dream do a speed run with this mod

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  • Among us part 2

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  • i love the lama(or sheep) pop-up screen!

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  • yeeeees

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  • 0:59 Jelly: There is some gravitational thrust!

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  • I don't owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

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    • Wha.

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  • You should try minecraft but all blocks have gravity, the dream team did it and it was super funny and enjoyable.

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  • Bouncing blocks are fun

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  • DO 1 BLOCK

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