Is This The MOST EXPENSIVE PROP In Fortnite? (Prop Hunt)

9 okt 2020
405 587 Áhorf

This is the most expensive prop in Fortnite Prop Hunt!
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  • Pls play more fortnite more and become iron man sence u like robots Iron man is one

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  • I have a idea for minecraft! I want you guys to do a normal minecraft world as survival and whoever finds the end portal first wins

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  • 8:35 Coin: It's a head! Jelly: I'm blind, I don't believe you, I will kill you now because I'm the ruiner of content

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    • Sometimes I’m not the best me playing with them but Crainer and Jelly drive me crazy sometimes

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  • Josh: Tells Jelly exactly where Crainer is Jelly looks the complete opposite way: I don't see him so you're lying!

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