I Became The HULK In Marvel's Avengers!

3 okt 2020
441 127 Áhorf

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  • task master

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  • Hulk also known as jelly

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  • Play more pls

  • can you play that again with crainer and jelly if you can play with friend

    prince dela cruzprince dela cruz2 dögum síðan
  • Play more of the superhero game you're playing like Avengers play some more of that game cuz I am going to like in the Sky with Diamonds do it now

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  • Hulk smash

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  • Hello slogoman after 3 months

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  • how mucch gb

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  • Play the game again please

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  • It’s called unibeam silly

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  • Wow

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  • make this a series

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  • Task master

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  • Anna Dunbar Fairview

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  • Your Minecraft world

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  • Hey mister slogoman can I come to your world please

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  • Pls play more trailmakers pls it's so fun

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  • That bad guy is Taskmaster.

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  • Do more

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  • What if it is jelly crainer josh and kwebblekop

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  • Play more Avengers Slogo

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  • Best video ever play Lego marvel avengers

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  • I miss when kweplekop did gta races withe Josh and Jelly

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  • wuts duing

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  • i used code slogo in fortnite item shop love ur vids

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  • Jelly is planning to troll you in mincraft

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  • i have the gemy

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  • Josh doesn't know who task master is

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  • Do some spore : 3

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  • i. Luv. Josh+9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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  • I use code

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  • Do more please

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  • Can you please make a series on this PLEASE.

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  • slogo

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  • He didn’t show captain America

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  • Slogo is a sellout who doesn't care about his fans. He is just greedy and wants money.

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  • the game is so good josh

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  • Josh play some more games like this

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  • Please make more videos and playthroughs on Marvel avengers

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  • Slogo pick Hulk Hulk is so powerfull

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  • Me spider man and thor

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  • Tbh.... the picture of this video looks like jelly but it was hulk all along

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  • the game is not free you lied why?

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  • What app is that?

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  • Josh wanna continue the game? It really cool

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  • Hey Josh Can u play Avengers w/jelly and crainer

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  • So this is how u tease me... Make it a series

    Frizioto YTFrizioto YT15 dögum síðan
  • And you can slide under with your feet to enemy to enemy you well under feet from the enemy

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  • Oooooooooooooooooooooh

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  • I have an Xbox for

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  • Cap was inside the ship that was destroyed at the last 😭 Thode who have watched mythpat know this 😎

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  • Me to I love captain America and I'm playing one xbox

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  • My favourite character is Iron man Tony stark

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  • Captain America????

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  • Slogoman : she has got swords and stuff Me: it is called the+₹:%#₱₱₱;:!*+-€¥$¢^√π°÷=

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  • I actually love ur vids

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  • Jk

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  • Those sound effects where lokie insane

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  • That game cost $60 dollars

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  • You should make a live stream of this

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  • For once the Hulk is the worst character to play as in the video game

    Gabe SteinGabe Stein17 dögum síðan
  • I think that’s doctor doom day in the truck

    Kevin ThungKevin Thung17 dögum síðan
  • Awesome video

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  • Where did captain america go?

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  • Hi Slogoman I have to ask you about the new Game my name is billy And I subscribe to you and I put on post notifications

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  • I have this game

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  • slogo your merch kinda cool i might buy some

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  • Play avengers with jelly and crainer

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  • Why did you skip Captain America Josh?

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  • so fun

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  • barely got the game like two hours ago got the last one at gamehut

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  • What game is this plss tell

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  • I have liked almost every vedio of yours

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  • You are insane

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  • Play this game with jelly and Kraner the

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  • Bruh the guy with the mask was taskmaster and black widow was using her staff

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  • Thor is also super duper cooooooooool

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  • Ayyy finally

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  • minecraft

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  • Task Maker is from Spider Man

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  • That’s scary boss was taskmaster. Oh and by the that is not a mask it is his head his face

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